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2017 Sylvanian Families Ornament Exchange and Creme and Freya’s Christmas Trip to Town

This is rather late, but there is one more post from Christmas 2017 to share.  There was an homemade ornament exchange organized on the forums and I wanted to post photos of the beautiful ornament I received from Castorfiber.  All of the elements were made by hand (other than the Chocolate Rabbit babies of course).  Thank you Castorfiber!   The exchange has become an annual forums event and I look forward to adding more handcrafted ornaments for years to come.

Ornament 1

Castorfiber also kindly included this card and all of these tasty treats!

Ornament 2

The ornament I came up with consists of mainly bought items, since I’m mostly lacking in DIY skills.  However, I did create some candy canes and gingerbread using clay.  Below is a photo of my effort. To attempt to make up for my lack of craft skill, I added a violin playing Freya from the Town Series.

Creme Chrismtas 2017 Ornament

As part of the parcel, I wrote a short story about Creme and Freya.  Chill82, who was the recipient of the parcel I sent, kindly gave permission to share the story here.

Creme and Freya’s Christmas Trip to Town

Today was a very exciting day for Freya Chocolate and her sister Creme! The girls made their way in to town to surprise their father, Frasier, at work. Frasier Chocolate is the confectioner at the best restaurant in all of Sylvania, and the sisters were looking forward to watching him design treats for the Christmas season. Creme and Freya also were fairly certain that they would need to taste each new type of chocolate and candy, just to verify that each sweet met the high Sylvanian standards for deliciousness!

However, after riding the tram into town, the girls were surprised to find their father hopping worriedly about the department store. “Freya! Creme! What a lovely surprise, I am so happy you are here!”, said Frasier. “There’s been a snowstorm in Northern Sylvania, where the store window dresser lives. He’s not able to travel into town, so the manager put me in charge of a new display to welcome the holiday shoppers. Of course,…ahem…I have the situation fully in paw and can manage perfectly well…”

Fraiser then lowered his voice and said in a panicky whisper to his daughters, “I have no idea what I’m doing! Maybe you two might help me plan a Christmas display? You each will earn some pocket money, and some sweets fresh from the restaurant.”

Creme and Freya were both happy to agree. The sisters agreed to meet their father in the restaurant when the display was complete. Freya immediately began planning. The display should have Christmas dresses and suits…no, maybe a beautiful Christmas dinner. “Then again”, she thought, “a toy display would be lots of fun, but so would musical instruments”. Freya had a million ideas and immediately set about collecting items for the display from around the store. “Follow me, Creme!”, shouted Freya.

Creme, for her part, really, really, REALLY tried to hop behind her big sister. But, the department store was full of lovely things to capture a little rabbits attention and Freya was hopping quite quickly.

Soon, Freya’s arms were overflowing with store merchandise to display in the window. “Creme, could you please help me decide which items look best in the window? Creme?? CREME?!?!” Freya didn’t see her little sister anywhere! She dropped all the items she had been carrying and hopped all over the entire department store, but Creme was nowhere to be found. Freya was despondent. She had to find her father and continue the search for Creme. Her sister was so small and the store was so big!

Freya made big bunny-leaps for the restaurant where her father worked. On the way she noticed that a very large crowd had gathered at the store window. “All of Sylvania probably wants to see me, the rabbit that didn’t finish her project, let her father down, and, worst of all, lost her sister,” thought Freya sadly. But, when she got closer to the window, she caught a glimpse of some very familiar tiny chocolate-brown-tipped ears.

“CREME!”, shouted Freya, with a huge sense of relief. She loved her sister quite a lot and had never been so happy to see her. She hopped into the display area to give Creme a big hug. When she saw her sister, Freya began giggling…Creme had apparently had a wonderful afternoon, while her big sister was worriedly searching! Creme was eating a gingerbread Sylvanian and a candy cane, while sitting on a sled, surrounded by Christmas gifts! The scene was the cutest thing that happened in Sylvania that day and everyone in town had gathered around to see the adorable baby rabbit in the window.

Frasier arrived soon after Freya, and chuckled delightedly. “Well done, girls! You two have outdone yourselves!” He gave them each a gingerbread Sylvanian and said to Freya, with a wink, “Don’t worry, she is fine! This isn’t the first time she’s been on her own in the store. It happens each time we bring her! Now, how about some Yuletide music?” He handed Freya her violin, and she happily began to play the old and familiar Sylvanian Christmas carols for all the shoppers pouring into the store.

Chill82 also took a beautiful photo of Freya and Creme, and kindly allowed me to post it here as well.  Thank you Chill!   She has a blog about her Sylvanian village, Slydale Hollow, which you can read here.

Chill82 Freya Photo


Thank you for reading!  I hope you’ve had a Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2018!

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