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Sylvanian Families – Mulberry Raccoon Grandparents with Motorcycle and Sidecar

The Motorcycle and Sidecar set features the Mulberry Raccoon grandparents, George and Mildred.  They are an adventurous couple, who love touring the countryside in their motorcycle and sidecar.   As grandparents are generally my favorite Sylvanians,  I am especially fond of this fun-loving pair.


Interestingly, unlike most other Sylvanian grandparents, neither George nor Mildred wear eyeglasses.  Mildred is supposed to come with a pink shawl, but for some reason, my Mildred did not have one.  Maybe it got left behind at one of their destinations?  I am going to see about finding a replacement for her.


From the box: This motorcycle and sidecar has storage spaces in the front of the sidecar and in the top box, at the back of the motorcycle. George and Mildred Mulberry enjoy riding around the country lanes. George has a helmet and goggles so that he can see where he is going. Mildred likes to wrap up warm before they set off as it can get a bit breezy in the sidecar!


The box has some great photos of the couple out exploring Sylvania.   Here, they stop to look at maps and guidebooks.


Back on the road!


The photo below shows the full contents of the set.


Also included are some instructions on folding books and helping George get his googles and helmet properly positioned.


Additionally, there is a bit of information about how to help Mildred get safely situated in the sidecar


The motorcycle itself is very cute, and the set includes sticker and decals to apply to the bike and sidecar.  The license plate says “tour3r” (tourer).  As per the stickers, the Mulberrys are part of the Woodland Motorcycle Club and the Sylvanian Motorcycle Club.


George and Mildred look adorable in their safety helmets!  However, I do wish a second pair of googles had been provided.  The passenger should have some eye protection too.


It’s been a bit since this set was released, so there was an old advertisement for the Collector’s Club and catalog inside the box, plus the stickers and books to fold.


The paper items include two maps of Sylvania and two books:  Motorcycle and Sidecar Manual and Explore the Countryside.  There is also a membership card to the Woodland Motorcycle Club.  Mildred and George each have a driver’s license, so either one can operate the motorcycle.


The books, maps, and paperwork can be stowed in the front of the sidecar or the back of the motorcycle, with room left over for some picnic supplies.


The Motorcycle and Sidecar set has been retired, but can be found via ebay.   Thank you for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Sylvanian Families – Mulberry Raccoon Grandparents with Motorcycle and Sidecar

  1. I guess the Mulberry’s grandparents have one ultimate message to their grandchildren: “Live Life to the Fullest. Don’t let age stop you from doing what you love” as they go around in this motorcycle to the point that the grandma lost her scarf 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s why they remained youthful and alive than their peers (“Interestingly, unlike most other Sylvanian grandparents, neither George nor Mildred wear eyeglasses.”) because they still do the things that make them happy.

      Whoops, I am getting too deep! But that is how I see them, and makes me love them even more ❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

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