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Peter Rabbit Garden Set

Peter Rabbit is currently starring in a film that is now in theatres, which has led to some very nice Peter Rabbit merchandise being released.  My favorite is this flocked, poseable Peter!  I absolutely love Peter, so I couldn’t resist the chance to have him join all the fun in Greenbearshire.


Peter comes with a garden, gate, vegetables, and watering can, so he can engage in all sorts of vegetable-based shenanigans.


Below are all the items that make up the Garden Set.  There is Peter, in his signature blue jacket, the gate (which opens and closes), the garden patch, watering can, pumpkin, lettuce, and carrots.  The vegetables (except for the pumpkin) all fit inside the garden patch, much like the very similar Sylvanian Families vegetable garden set.  Peter is very cute, and is a good quality flocked figure.  The gate itself is nicely detailed, particularly the sunflower added to the post.  I do wish it had some extra fence pieces to put around the edges of the garden.


Peter and his garden are a perfect size to share with Sylvanian Families characters.  He is roughly the size of a Sylvanian adult.  In the photo below, I placed him between Frasier and Freya Chocolate so you can see the size comparison.  Peter is clearly taller than Freya, but about the same height as Frasier.  So, although Peter is not a Sylvanian, he is an ideal size to join a Sylvanian village. I think his mischievous ways  will add lots of fun to  village life.


Frasier chooses the nicest carrot in the garden to offer Peter as a welcome gift, while Freya waters the garden to earn some extra pocket money  Unfortunately, neither Peter nor the Sylvanians can hold the watering can or vegetables.  I used a bit of tape to help them keep hold of the items, which are an ideal size to be used by both Peter and Sylvanians.


To be clear, this is not a Sylvanian Families set, but Peter is lovely companion for Sylvanians.  It’s great fun to see these worlds come together!

If you’d like to add Peter to your collection, he can be found on ebay or at Walmart stores.   Thank you for reading!


6 thoughts on “Peter Rabbit Garden Set

      1. I love Peter Rabbit too. It would be nice if they added a some additional sets for him. Have you seen the film? Bill and I have not yet watched, and I’m nervous due to the negative reviews.


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