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Sylvanian Families: Christian’s Bedtime Set and Bunk Beds

Christian’s Bedtime Set features Chantilly Cat brother, Christian, along with everything he needs for a good night’s sleep.

Christian's Bedtime Set 1

Members of the Chantilly Cat family were collected by buying individual sets, rather than as a complete family.   The sets are all very cute, and I’ll be un-boxing them in future updates.  I really love all the extra accessories, as they add an extra bit of personality to the characters.

Christian's Bedtime Set 2

Christian’s box tells us a bit about him and how happy he is with his new pyjamas!

From the box: Christian Chantilly is so excited with his new pyjamas, his mother Myriam has a problem getting him to change into his day clothes every morning. The good thing is that now there is no problem getting Christian to bed at night; all you have to do is suggest he tidies up his toys, cleans his teeth, finds something to read and he’s off up the stairs.

Christian's Bedtime Set 3

The set includes Christian’s favorite toys:  his plush bear and toy train, plus cozy slippers, storybook (Woodland Tales) for a bedtime story, toothbrush, toothpaste, and cup.

Christian's Bedtime Set 5

The slippers are a perfect fit for Christian and match his pyjamas.  Here he is, modelling his night clothes.

Christian's Bedtime Set 4

Because Christian is so eager to try out his new pyjamas, I was happy to un-box this new bunk bed set for him.

2017 JP Bunk Beds 1

The bunk beds are a 2017 release from Japan.

2017 JP Bunk Beds 2

The set contains two beds, with a mattress and blanket for each, and a ladder.

2017 JP Bunk Beds 3

Each bed has a lovely and very classically Sylvanian acorn on the headboard.

2017 JP Bunk Beds 4

The beds can be used separately or stacked together to make bunk beds.

2017 JP Bunk Beds 5

I think most Sylvanian children would agree that the bunk bed arrangement is more fun!

2017 JP Bunk Beds 6

Now that his bed is assembled, Christian is ready to turn in for the night.  He’s just waiting for a bedtime story from his mother.   Thank you for reading!

Christian's Bedtime Set 6 copy

Christian’s Bedtime Set and the Bunk Bed Set have been entered in the Greenbearshire wiki.

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