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Sylvanian Families Wedding Photographer Set

If you are a Sylvanian planning a special event, Cecil Maces is the mouse to call.  He is a talented photographer, specializing in weddings.  Cecil is part of the Wedding Photographer Set.

Wedding Photographer 1

From the box: Cecil Mace is the finest photographer in Sylvania. He is a real romantic at heart so a family wedding is always his favourite subject. Thanks to his beautiful backdrop and top notch camera equipment, the bride and groom are always delighted with his pictures!

Wedding Photographer 2

The box also includes some photos of Cecil hard at work at the Butterglove Wedding.

Wedding Photographer 4

The best and most important part of this set is Cecil himself.  He is suitably dressed to look professional at any important village event, with a bow tie, waistcoat, and festive pola-dotted shirt.  Cecil is one of my most favorite Sylvanians.  He is very helpful if you need a photography consultant.

Wedding Photographer 8

Inside the box, you will find a photo backdrop, books to fold, and samples of Cecil’s photographs.  There is also an old advertisement for the Collector’s Club and a catalogue.

Wedding Photographer 7

Next comes Cecil’s crucial equipment:  camera, umbrella lighting, handheld flash, bag, and photo plates.   I love that Cecil works with a vintage camera!  The bag comes in useful for storing the photos and books.

Wedding Photographer 9

Cecil has gathered all his supplies and is ready to photograph all the events taking place in Greenbearshire.

Wedding Photographer 10

Festivals and holiday celebrations are commemorated.


A pair of best friends want to document their color coordinated outfits.

Wedding Photographer 11

Finally, Cecil is delighted to help a couple find a magical spot for their first photos as newlyweds.

Wedding Photographer 12

The Wedding Photographer set has been retired, but can be found on ebay.  Thank you for reading!

Scans from this set can be found here:

Cecil stickers and backdrop

and here:

Cecil stickers 2

Wedding Photographer 14

Greenbearshire Wiki Entry

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