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Sylvanian Families Fellini Cream Cats and Dinner Party Set

Meet the Fellini Cream Cats!

Fellini Cats 2

The Fellinis are a newlywed couple, and some of the more difficult to find Sylvanians, as they were exclusively available as part of the Country Cottage Gift Set from Argos in 1993.  I was lucky enough to find this lovely couple on ebay.  Tilly also has a veil, but I’ve left it off because, due to age, the elastic has given out.  So, unfortunately there is no good way to secure it to her head.

Fellini Cats 3

UK Biography Information

Tilly and Dillon Fellini were childhood sweethearts. Now they are just married and have moved into their very first home, the charming Country Cottage with its sunny balcony, rustic little pine table & chairs, and a vase of fresh flowers.

Fellini Cats 4

Because today is Valentine’s Day, it only seemed right that Tilly and Dillon celebrate with a dinner date.  The Dinner Party set has everything Sylvanians need for a special celebration dinner.

Dinner Party Set 1

The table and chairs are much more ornate than the most Sylvanian furniture.  Each chair has a very posh velvet seat.

Dinner Party Set 5

There is a good selection of cutlery, including salad forks, dinner forks, soup spoons, dessert spoons and knives.   A catalogue is also inside the box.

Dinner Party Set 6

Next comes all the food and glassware, along with salt, pepper, bread basket, and butter dish.

Dinner Party Set 7

It took a bit, but I was eventually able to set the table for the Fellinis dinner date.  I really didn’t want to tell them how many times I accidentally nudged a plate or silverware off the table!  The table looks lovely all set up.

Dinner Party Set 9

The Fellini Cream Cats are quite difficult to find, so the only option to find them is to watch the online auction sites.  The Dinner Party Set can be found at the Sylvanian Shop.

Thank you for reading!

Dinner Party Set 13

Entries for the Fellini Cream Cats and the Dinner Party Set are on the Greenbearshire wiki.

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