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Sylvanian Families Village Postman

Meet Postman Pete Petite, from the Village Postman set.  Like many Sylvanian collectors, I send and receive many parcels, so Postman Pete is an extra special Sylvanian to me.

Village Postman 1

From the box: Postman Pete is a jolly soul who can be seen riding his bicycle through the streets of Sylvania early every morning. He particularly loves birthdays as he has so many cards and parcels to deliver that he feels like he is an all year round Father Christmas!

Village Postman 2

Pete looks professional and efficient in his postal uniform.

Village Postman 7

Pete has everything he needs to manage the villagers’ mail:  bicycle for speedy deliveries, postbox, mailbag, parcel, ink pad, stamp, pencil and plenty of mail to collect and deliver.

Village Postman 8

The postbox opens in the back, so Pete can easily gather all the outgoing mail.  The letters and postcards fit neatly in his bag, while the parcel can be transported either on the back of the bicycle or in the basket.

Village Postman 9

Sylvanians always eagerly await Pete’s arrival!   Just like the name says, the Petite bears (Pete’s family) are much smaller than the earlier big-bear-mold Sylvanians (Huntingtons, Timbertops, etc.).  As you can see below, Grandmother Huntington is quite a lot larger than Pete.

Thank you for visiting!  Sadly, the Village Postman set has been retired, so eBay is probably the best place to look for  Pete.

Greenbearshire wiki entry

Village Postman 10

4 thoughts on “Sylvanian Families Village Postman

  1. This is such a cool set and very pertinent to collecting Sylvanians and all the packages it involves these days. After reading your review, I checked my own postbox, from a different version with a mouse postie, and presto it opens AND there was a pile of letters inside!!! Thanks so much for the review and for helping me figure out something in my own collection!!

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