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2018 Lucky Bag

Hi everyone!

I’ve been meaning to post these photos for awhile now, and am finally getting round to it.

Earlier this year, I managed to get a Lucky Bag from Japan.  Lucky bags cost 20,000 yen and are filled with all sorts of exciting items, usually things that are older or that the company has an excess of.   It’s a great deal, as you end up with lots of items, some of which may be rare, at a very discounted cost.  Each 20,000 y bag is the same, but the contents are a mystery until people begin picking them up.   Not surprisingly, they sell out very quickly.

The box was extremely large.  I asked Giant Freya (90 cm) and Giant Creme to pose for a photo for scale.


The entire box was filled with Sylvanian goodness!  The best items were the Field View Mill and the Canal Boat.


Hopefully you can see all the individual sets in the photo below.  Besides the Mill and Canal Boat, there are furniture sets, lots of babies, a Log Cabin Gift Set, Sweets Shop,  Fruit Wagon, accessory sets, and more.  Of course, there are lots of things that are duplicate items for me, but I’m very pleased to be able to have nicer, new in box, versions of the Mill and the Canal boat.  Having all these Sylvanian sets arrive at once was quite a lot of fun.


Some items I am going to keep and others will be listed on eBay.   The first items to be going up for sale are pictured below.


OrnateGardenTableandChairs1 KangarooTwins1

Thanks for visiting!

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