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Sylvanian Familes: Giant Ralph Walnut

Freya and Creme are always curious and happy when a large parcel arrives.

Ralph 1

This box is particularly exciting because inside is their good friend, Ralph Walnut! A giant Ralph has been one of my “grail” items for a while now, and I feel incredibly fortunate that I’ve been able to add him to my Sylvanian collection.

Ralph 3

Giant Ralph is wearing his signature yellow dungarees and scarf.   In addition, he has outfits for Halloween and Christmas.

Ralph 4

Look at that big fluffy squirrel tail!

Ralph 2

I’ve been very fortunate that all my giant Sylvanians have been either well cared or brand new.  Ralph even came in his original box.  Maybe Mega Walnut Squirrel Boy is his super hero name?

Ralph 5

I’ve not yet set up all the photography equipment, since we moved house last month, so unfortunately the lighting and background situation is not so good here.  However, there will be more (and better) photos in future.  Freya, Creme, and Ralph make an adorable trio!

Thank you for visiting!

Ralph 6

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