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Meet the Sylvanian Families: Hazelnut Dormouse Family & Changes in Greenbearshire

In my opinion, the Hazelnuts are some of the cutest Sylvanians ever!

Dormouse Family 1

This family of Dormice is the Flair UK version, with gripping style hands.

Dormouse Family 3

UK Biographies: 

Father Sidney Hazelnut is a bed maker and a very good one too! His beds are very special because he insists on testing each and every one of them himself. Unfortunately, because they are so comfortable, he keeps falling asleep and just can’t keep up with customer demand. Beteween the yawns he will tell you that your bed will be ready in a week or three!

Mother Mona Hazelnut complements her husband’s work perfectly by making bed linen, quilts, pillows, and bed covers. Mona’s new designs are beautifully colour co-ordinated, with great attention paid to detail in the trim and finish, but most importantly they keep you warm, snug and cozy in bed!

Brother Otto Hazelnut, like his father, loves his bed. His mother has to call him at least three times every morning to get up for school. However, Saturday morning is different. This is the day Otto plays football and gets himself up, dressed, and grabs a quick breakfast before setting off to play without one prompt from his mother.

Sister Odette Hazelnut is a very quiet, softly spoken young lady. All her school friends make a point to look after her, making sure she is alright! Whether in the classroom or on the school bus, they take it in turns to check that she has not fallen asleep.

Dormouse Family 4

Each character has a distinctive dark tipped tail.  In addition to this these four family members, there is also a standing baby and a set consisting of a crawling and a sleeping baby.

Dormouse Family 5

Sidney gathers the whole family to test a new bed!  Mona and Odette give it a ten for bounciness and sturdiness, while Otto can’t be reached for comment, as he promptly fell asleep!

Dormouse Family 6

On just a quick personal note, I’ve been struggling to find a way to create a catalogue of my always-growing Sylvanian collection.  I had been trying to do this using a wiki, but found the confines of the wiki set up to be very frustrating to work with, which caused me to procrastinate about making additions.  More and more sets piled up, and went uncatalogued, which makes keeping track of items very difficult.   I have a whole roomful of Sylvanian sets, but only catalouged a handful of them.

In order to try to fix this situation, I’ve decided that I’m going to give up on the wiki entirely, and switch to a regular website.  I’ve had to begin learning HTML and CSS over the past week, and am really enjoying it.  Thanks to patience and help of my husband, we now have a basic site up and running.  You can see it here, but please keep in mind that it is very much a work in progress.  The Dormice are the very first family to have an entry.  Please feel free to visit as work progresses.

I really doubt that the wiki catalogue has been viewed by many (or anyone) because I’ve added next to nothing, but on the off chance that you have been visiting, it will disappear after all the content is transferred to the new site.

As always, thank you for visiting!

2 thoughts on “Meet the Sylvanian Families: Hazelnut Dormouse Family & Changes in Greenbearshire

  1. I agree with you, Terra. The Hazelnut Family is one of the cutest. I was delighted when I got it last Christmas.
    I love your new site! . It´s going to be a very useful resource for information. Your reviews are always great!

    Liked by 1 person

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