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Meet the Sylvanian Families: Petite Little Bear Family

Hi everyone!  I’m going to do a few quick updates to add families that have been included in the catalogue site.

First up are the Petite Little Bears!  Before the Petites, Sylvanian Bears were significantly larger than their non-bear neighbors.  The original Petite family introduced the small bear mold into Sylvania.

Petite Little Bear Family 1

These smaller bears are very, very cute, and probably have much easier time clothing shopping then the big bears!  I love both kinds of bears, they each have their own unique charm.

Petite Little Bear Family 3

UK Biography Information

Father Patrick Petite spends all his time in the attic gazing through his telescope at the stars at night, dreaming of all the extra-terrestrial Sylvanians in other worlds.

Mother Margaret Petite known to her friends as Meg, thinks that Patrick gets too carried away with his stargazing. She much prefers the mystery of astrology to astronomy.

Brother Piers Petite wants to be an astronaut when he grows up and is always designing and building new toy rockets.

Sister Andromeda Petite enjoys both her parents’ hobbies. She always reads her horoscope written by her mother in the local newspaper.

Petite LIttle Bear Family

Village Postman Pete Petite is also a member of this family.


Thank you for vising!

The Petite’s catalogue entry is here.

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