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Meet the Sylvanian Families: Woodbrook Beaver Family

The poor Woodbrooks.  I was so excited to use a wood grain background for their photo because it felt so suited to them.  The problem is that the colors don’t work  all and I didn’t realize it until doing the editing.  The poor beavers look so washed out.  Let’s schedule another photo shoot for you, Woodbrooks!

Woodbrook Beavers 1

Like the Waters family, the Woodbrooks have unique beaver features:  pronounced front teeth and a wide flat tail.  I love them!

Woodbrook Beavers 2

UK Biography Information

Mother Aubrey Woodbrook is an amazing bicyclist and loves to go with her children for a stroll around the park on sunny days.

Father Andrew Woodbrook is a fantastic carpenter and always helps his neighbors with all of their home projects.

Sister Evelyn Woodbrook
spends most of her free time swimming with her friends.

Baby brother Ethan Woodbrook loves splashing around the baby pool on warm days.

Woodbrook Beavers 3

The Woodbrooks’ catalogue entry is here.   Thanks for visiting!


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