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Sylvanian Families Alpaca Family (2018, JP)


If you’ve been checking in here, you may have noticed a lack of posts as of late.  That’s  because I’ve finally begun the process of cataloguing my Sylvanian collection.  If you are a Sylvanian collector, start cataloguing as soon as possible, even if you’ve not yet amassed many sets.  You’ll be thankful later!  Being the idiot that I am, I waited for over two years before getting started. In that span of time, the project has become a very time consuming task.

I’ve been putting all of my items on a website, which required learning just enough HTML to make a start.  The process is fun and enjoyable, but it’s very clear that it’s going rather a long time to get caught up.  If you’d like to have a look, here’s a link.

Alpaca Family 1

Some new families have arrived in Sylvanian for 2018.  This family is the Alpaca family!  It’s always exciting to meet a new family, and I am loving these alpacas.  They have extra fluffy looking heads.  Their clothing looks a bit more “homespun” than the silk-style clothing that we’ve seen a lot of recently in the Town Series.

Alpaca Family 2

So far, the Alpacas have only been released in Japan.  I couldn’t wait for the UK or US version, so I had the JP Alpacas shipped on release day.  The family includes two parents, a sister, and a baby.  There are no official names for the JP Alpacas.

Alpaca Family 3

Thanks for visiting!  Hopefully, I’ll get photos of the new Otter and Marshmallow Mouse family posted here soon.

Alpaca 8

4 thoughts on “Sylvanian Families Alpaca Family (2018, JP)

  1. It´s great to have a closer look at this new family. Your pictures are so crisp and clear that it seems I can even touch them.
    The Alpacas are adorable and I like the fact they´re not wearing fancy satin clothes so that they can fit easily in the woodland theme.
    Good luck with your process of cataloguing. Your site is fantastic!


    1. Hi Cutata! Thanks for looking at the website. I’m really just getting started with it, but at least I’ve finally made a start. 🙂 Glad you liked the photos!


  2. Hi Terra,
    The Alpacas are gorgeous 🙂 Mine just arrived. I also like that they’re not wearing fancy clothes.
    Your reference website is great, very organised, and your photos are just amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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