For Sale: UK Shopping Babies

Do you need to complete your Shopping Babies collection?  If so, I have some duplicates that need homes.  Each baby is $5, plus postage.  They are brand new, although the outer packaging has been opened so that I could sort out how many that there are of each.

Please  use the contact form if you would like to make a purchase.  Thank you!

I’ve also listed these on the Sylvanian Families Collectors forums.

  1.  Koala – 2 available (On Hold)
  2. Marshmallow Mouse – 1 available
  3. Periwinkle Rabbit -1 available
  4. Deer – 1 available
  5. Panda – 1 available
  6. Silk Cat – 1 available
  7. Polar Bear – 2 available
  8. Tuxedo Cat – 2 available (On Hold)
  9. Chocolate Rabbit – 1 Available

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