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Spotter Meerkat Family

Meet the Spotter Meerkat family! In 2010, Flair released the Spotters in the basic family of four set, with a father, mother, brother and sister.  Grandparents joined the family in 2011.  In addition, there is a set of triplets. Flair continues the “spot” theme by giving mother Beatrix and sister Gail polka dotted dresses.  Father… Continue reading Spotter Meerkat Family

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Pettyfur Guinea Pig Family

Meet the Pettyfur Guinea Pigs!  Flair introduced the family in 2007.  They were a UK only release.  However, Calico Critters has added the mother, Penny, to their line, along with two additional babies, Patty and Paden.  There is a separate post with more photos for Patty and Paden’s Double Stroller Set. Two standing babies are… Continue reading Pettyfur Guinea Pig Family

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Springer and Hopper Kangaroo Families

Meet the Springer and Hopper Kangaroo families! The Springers were released by both Flair (2011) and Epoch (2014).  Epoch figures have the flat hand style, but the earlier Flair Springers have gripping hands. Kangaroos exist in the US Calico Critters line (the Hopper family), but with a different appearance and names.  The Japanese and Calico… Continue reading Springer and Hopper Kangaroo Families

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McWalkies West Highland Terrier Family

Meet the McWalkies!  The McWalkies are West Highland Terriers. West Highland Terriers originate from Scotland, and the McWalkies are displaying their heritage by wearing traditional Scottish tartan.  Angus, the father, is wearing a kilt and a velvety black vest.  Even the babies are wearing tartan, which makes them extra cute! The traditional clothing, along with… Continue reading McWalkies West Highland Terrier Family

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Custom Blueberry Bunny Family Project

This is my first attempt at creating a custom Sylvanian family.  I was quite nervous to paint on Sylvanians.  This project was meant to be a quick, stress-free attempt to get past the fear of painting figures, so there many flaws, but I’m happy with the results and to have ended up with a unique… Continue reading Custom Blueberry Bunny Family Project