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Sylvanian Families: Giant Creme Chocolate

Finally, a post for Giant Creme!  There is so much going on in the Sylvanian world, and I’m only just now realizing that I’ve never added photos of her. She arrived from Europe in late 2017. Giant Freya is, of course, thrilled to have her sister here, and Creme is very excited to join her… Continue reading Sylvanian Families: Giant Creme Chocolate

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Sylvanian Families Village Postman

Meet Postman Pete Petite, from the Village Postman set.  Like many Sylvanian collectors, I send and receive many parcels, so Postman Pete is an extra special Sylvanian to me. From the box: Postman Pete is a jolly soul who can be seen riding his bicycle through the streets of Sylvania early every morning. He particularly… Continue reading Sylvanian Families Village Postman

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Sylvanian Families Fellini Cream Cats and Dinner Party Set

Meet the Fellini Cream Cats! The Fellinis are a newlywed couple, and some of the more difficult to find Sylvanians, as they were exclusively available as part of the Country Cottage Gift Set from Argos in 1993.  I was lucky enough to find this lovely couple on ebay.  Tilly also has a veil, but I’ve… Continue reading Sylvanian Families Fellini Cream Cats and Dinner Party Set

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Sylvanian Families Wedding Photographer Set

If you are a Sylvanian planning a special event, Cecil Maces is the mouse to call.  He is a talented photographer, specializing in weddings.  Cecil is part of the Wedding Photographer Set. From the box: Cecil Mace is the finest photographer in Sylvania. He is a real romantic at heart so a family wedding is… Continue reading Sylvanian Families Wedding Photographer Set

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Sylvanian Families: Christian’s Bedtime Set and Bunk Beds

Christian’s Bedtime Set features Chantilly Cat brother, Christian, along with everything he needs for a good night’s sleep. Members of the Chantilly Cat family were collected by buying individual sets, rather than as a complete family.   The sets are all very cute, and I’ll be un-boxing them in future updates.  I really love all the… Continue reading Sylvanian Families: Christian’s Bedtime Set and Bunk Beds

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Sylvanian Families Sweetwater Bear Wedding Puzzle

The original Sylvanian Families celebrate the Sweetwater Bears’ wedding in this 100-piece puzzle.   The scene is lovely, and shows many of the original characters.  Honeysuckle Evergreen is having an emotional day! The puzzle was released in Australia.   I put it together hoping I had all the pieces, and happily, nothing had gone missing.   There… Continue reading Sylvanian Families Sweetwater Bear Wedding Puzzle