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Field View Mill Wallpaper

  Thanks to Wajiii and his technical skills, we have some templates that will hopefully make adding wallpaper to Field View Mill a little easier. Click on the links below to download the templates.   The templates are blank, but you can use a program like Photoshop or GIMP to add a decorative design of your… Continue reading Field View Mill Wallpaper

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Sylvanians in Barbie Glasses

Sylvanians have long been in need of more choices in eyewear. Grandparents come with glasses, but I’ve taken to storing those in tins, to try to avoid losing them. Thanks to Cai Alvarado posting (on facebook) a photo of Cecil Maces wearing an unfamiliar pair of spectacles, I’ve learned that many Sylvanians can wear Barbie… Continue reading Sylvanians in Barbie Glasses