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Sylvanian Families Village Postman

Meet Postman Pete Petite, from the Village Postman set.  Like many Sylvanian collectors, I send and receive many parcels, so Postman Pete is an extra special Sylvanian to me. From the box: Postman Pete is a jolly soul who can be seen riding his bicycle through the streets of Sylvania early every morning. He particularly… Continue reading Sylvanian Families Village Postman

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Sylvanian Families Fellini Cream Cats and Dinner Party Set

Meet the Fellini Cream Cats! The Fellinis are a newlywed couple, and some of the more difficult to find Sylvanians, as they were exclusively available as part of the Country Cottage Gift Set from Argos in 1993.  I was lucky enough to find this lovely couple on ebay.  Tilly also has a veil, but I’ve… Continue reading Sylvanian Families Fellini Cream Cats and Dinner Party Set

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Sylvanian Families Wedding Photographer Set

If you are a Sylvanian planning a special event, Cecil Maces is the mouse to call.  He is a talented photographer, specializing in weddings.  Cecil is part of the Wedding Photographer Set. From the box: Cecil Mace is the finest photographer in Sylvania. He is a real romantic at heart so a family wedding is… Continue reading Sylvanian Families Wedding Photographer Set

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Sylvanian Families: Christian’s Bedtime Set and Bunk Beds

Christian’s Bedtime Set features Chantilly Cat brother, Christian, along with everything he needs for a good night’s sleep. Members of the Chantilly Cat family were collected by buying individual sets, rather than as a complete family.   The sets are all very cute, and I’ll be un-boxing them in future updates.  I really love all the… Continue reading Sylvanian Families: Christian’s Bedtime Set and Bunk Beds

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Sylvanian Families Sweetwater Bear Wedding Puzzle

The original Sylvanian Families celebrate the Sweetwater Bears’ wedding in this 100-piece puzzle.   The scene is lovely, and shows many of the original characters.  Honeysuckle Evergreen is having an emotional day! The puzzle was released in Australia.   I put it together hoping I had all the pieces, and happily, nothing had gone missing.   There… Continue reading Sylvanian Families Sweetwater Bear Wedding Puzzle