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Sylvanian Families – Secret Fairy Tree

Recently, the Nursery Treehouse arrived!  This version is particularly special, as it is the Japanese Toys R’ Us gift set edition, which means there are special items included.  It was sent to me by my good friend Jona, who keeps a blog at Jona Wanders.  Thank you Jona! I’m very excited to add this set… Continue reading Sylvanian Families – Secret Fairy Tree

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Grandstand and Souvenir Shop

There are a variety of Sylvanian Families sets that were created in honor of the 2012 London Olympics.  Each set has Sylvanians engaged in some sort of Olympic related activity.  Flair even recreated the Olympic logo, in Sylvanian style.  You can see the Sylvanian Games logo on the photo below. I was fortunate that my… Continue reading Grandstand and Souvenir Shop

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Patty and Paden’s Double Stroller Set

The past week or so, much of my Sylvanian time has been dedicated to entering information about my collection in to a wiki.  When it came time to add the Pettyfur Guinea Pig family, I finally had an excuse to purchase this cute Calico Critters set. The Pettyfur family (including father, mother, brother, sister, and… Continue reading Patty and Paden’s Double Stroller Set

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de Pembroke Corgi Family

Meet the de Pembroke Corgi Family!  This entry marks the beginning of another project, which is the Greenbearshire Sylvanian wiki.  The wiki is meant to be a space where I can keep track of my collection and possibly eventually become a resource for other collectors.  The d de Pembrokes are the first family to be… Continue reading de Pembroke Corgi Family

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Li’l Woodzeez (Curlicue Pigs, MoosicalMoo Cows, Quickquack Ducks, and Croakalily Frogs)

Welcome back to Greenbearshire! Wajiii and I are finally semi-organized and settled after moving recently.  There was a slight bit of postal chaos, but, thankfully, Wajiii was able to get hold of all of our parcels and nothing went (permanently) missing.  Greenbearshire is ready to welcome new villagers, add new buildings, and unbox all sorts… Continue reading Li’l Woodzeez (Curlicue Pigs, MoosicalMoo Cows, Quickquack Ducks, and Croakalily Frogs)

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Beltane in Greenbearshire (2017)

Beltane and May Day are here, giving the villagers many reasons to celebrate.  They enjoy traditional celebrations, so they are thrilled to have acquired a Maypole set! The Maypole and Dancers set was created to celebrate the 25th SF anniversary.  It’s a special set to me because it fits in perfectly with my nature-based spiritual… Continue reading Beltane in Greenbearshire (2017)