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Sylvanian Families: Giant Stella Chocolate

The cataloguing process has been my ongoing project for the past month or so, and has been taking up most of my Sylvanian time.   However, there has been quite a lot of exciting new parcels as of late! My most loved new addition to the collection has undoubtedly been Giant Stella! Just like her Sylvanian… Continue reading Sylvanian Families: Giant Stella Chocolate

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Sylvanian Familes: Giant Ralph Walnut

Freya and Creme are always curious and happy when a large parcel arrives. This box is particularly exciting because inside is their good friend, Ralph Walnut! A giant Ralph has been one of my “grail” items for a while now, and I feel incredibly fortunate that I’ve been able to add him to my Sylvanian… Continue reading Sylvanian Familes: Giant Ralph Walnut

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Sylvanian Families: Giant Creme Chocolate

Finally, a post for Giant Creme!  There is so much going on in the Sylvanian world, and I’m only just now realizing that I’ve never added photos of her. She arrived from Europe in late 2017. Giant Freya is, of course, thrilled to have her sister here, and Creme is very excited to join her… Continue reading Sylvanian Families: Giant Creme Chocolate

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Sylvanian Families Wedding Photographer Set

If you are a Sylvanian planning a special event, Cecil Maces is the mouse to call.  He is a talented photographer, specializing in weddings.  Cecil is part of the Wedding Photographer Set. From the box: Cecil Mace is the finest photographer in Sylvania. He is a real romantic at heart so a family wedding is… Continue reading Sylvanian Families Wedding Photographer Set

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2017 Sylvanian Families Ornament Exchange and Creme and Freya’s Christmas Trip to Town

This is rather late, but there is one more post from Christmas 2017 to share.  There was an homemade ornament exchange organized on the forums and I wanted to post photos of the beautiful ornament I received from Castorfiber.  All of the elements were made by hand (other than the Chocolate Rabbit babies of course). … Continue reading 2017 Sylvanian Families Ornament Exchange and Creme and Freya’s Christmas Trip to Town

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Sylvanian Families – Secret Fairy Tree

Recently, the Nursery Treehouse arrived!  This version is particularly special, as it is the Japanese Toys R’ Us gift set edition, which means there are special items included.  It was sent to me by my good friend Jona, who keeps a blog at Jona Wanders.  Thank you Jona! I’m very excited to add this set… Continue reading Sylvanian Families – Secret Fairy Tree