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Meet the Sylvanian Families: Dale Sheep Family

The lovable Dale sheep are favorites in my collection!  The family runs the local orchard, which gives them an earth-y, rustic style that I find very relatable. UK Biography Information:  Father Ewan Dale is in charge of the Sylvanian orchards, keeping the grass short and the place tidy. He is very proud of his Victoria… Continue reading Meet the Sylvanian Families: Dale Sheep Family

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Beltane in Greenbearshire (2017)

Beltane and May Day are here, giving the villagers many reasons to celebrate.  They enjoy traditional celebrations, so they are thrilled to have acquired a Maypole set! The Maypole and Dancers set was created to celebrate the 25th SF anniversary.  It’s a special set to me because it fits in perfectly with my nature-based spiritual… Continue reading Beltane in Greenbearshire (2017)