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Meet the Sylvanian Families: Huckleberry Hound Family

Meet the Huckleberry Hound Family! The UK Huckleberry family comes in a family of four package, with a father, mother, sister, and brother. A set of adorable twin babies is part of the family as well, and are sold separately. Official UK Biography Information Father Hubert Alan Huckleberry is a ‘wordsmith’ who loves finding out… Continue reading Meet the Sylvanian Families: Huckleberry Hound Family

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Grandstand and Souvenir Shop

There are a variety of Sylvanian Families sets that were created in honor of the 2012 London Olympics.  Each set has Sylvanians engaged in some sort of Olympic related activity.  Flair even recreated the Olympic logo, in Sylvanian style.  You can see the Sylvanian Games logo on the photo below. I was fortunate that my… Continue reading Grandstand and Souvenir Shop

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McWalkies West Highland Terrier Family

Meet the McWalkies!  The McWalkies are West Highland Terriers. West Highland Terriers originate from Scotland, and the McWalkies are displaying their heritage by wearing traditional Scottish tartan.  Angus, the father, is wearing a kilt and a velvety black vest.  Even the babies are wearing tartan, which makes them extra cute! The traditional clothing, along with… Continue reading McWalkies West Highland Terrier Family

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Lopez Chihuahua Family

Meet the Lopez Chihuahua family!  The Lopez family is extremely cute, featuring friendly faces and the breed’s distinctive ears. Like most Sylvanian Families, there are multiple versions of this family.  They first appeared in Japan.  The original Japanese chihuahuas are very recognizable because the mother and the sister have colored ears and do not have… Continue reading Lopez Chihuahua Family

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de Pembroke Corgi Family

Meet the de Pembroke Corgi Family!  This entry marks the beginning of another project, which is the Greenbearshire Sylvanian wiki.  The wiki is meant to be a space where I can keep track of my collection and possibly eventually become a resource for other collectors.  The d de Pembrokes are the first family to be… Continue reading de Pembroke Corgi Family