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Sylvanian Families: Giant Stella Chocolate

The cataloguing process has been my ongoing project for the past month or so, and has been taking up most of my Sylvanian time.   However, there has been quite a lot of exciting new parcels as of late! My most loved new addition to the collection has undoubtedly been Giant Stella! Just like her Sylvanian… Continue reading Sylvanian Families: Giant Stella Chocolate

Families · Photos · Unboxing

Sylvanian Familes: Giant Ralph Walnut

Freya and Creme are always curious and happy when a large parcel arrives. This box is particularly exciting because inside is their good friend, Ralph Walnut! A giant Ralph has been one of my “grail” items for a while now, and I feel incredibly fortunate that I’ve been able to add him to my Sylvanian… Continue reading Sylvanian Familes: Giant Ralph Walnut


Sylvanian Families: Giant Freya Chocolate

Today, a new friend joined our household, after traveling all the way from Germany! Freya came to the door very politely and didn’t even ask us to collect her from the airport. Although, there does not appear to be an airport in Sylvania, so maybe she traveled by barge or airship. Welcome home, Freya!  At… Continue reading Sylvanian Families: Giant Freya Chocolate