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Sylvanian Families: Otter Family (2018, Japan)

A brand new otter family. has been introduced to Sylvania. The set consists of two parents and two newborn babies.  The babies are held in fish-shaped carriers. The extra tiny newborns = extra cuteness! When the new families were released earlier this year, I was most excited for the Alpaca Family.  I severely underestimated how… Continue reading Sylvanian Families: Otter Family (2018, Japan)

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Sylvanian Families Alpaca Family (2018, JP)

Hello! If you’ve been checking in here, you may have noticed a lack of posts as of late.  That’s  because I’ve finally begun the process of cataloguing my Sylvanian collection.  If you are a Sylvanian collector, start cataloguing as soon as possible, even if you’ve not yet amassed many sets.  You’ll be thankful later!  Being… Continue reading Sylvanian Families Alpaca Family (2018, JP)

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Sylvanian Families – Secret Fairy Tree

Recently, the Nursery Treehouse arrived!  This version is particularly special, as it is the Japanese Toys R’ Us gift set edition, which means there are special items included.  It was sent to me by my good friend Jona, who keeps a blog at Jona Wanders.  Thank you Jona! I’m very excited to add this set… Continue reading Sylvanian Families – Secret Fairy Tree

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All of the Freyas[we have, so far]!

The title is an exaggeration, this is not all of the Freyas, but, there is major Freya content ahead. I’ve come to understand that some people are not fond of her because she is in/on all things Sylvanian Families or Calico Critter related.  It’s understandable, I can see that people might enjoy it if we… Continue reading All of the Freyas[we have, so far]!