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Meet the Sylvanian Families: Petite Little Bear Family

Hi everyone!  I’m going to do a few quick updates to add families that have been included in the catalogue site. First up are the Petite Little Bears!  Before the Petites, Sylvanian Bears were significantly larger than their non-bear neighbors.  The original Petite family introduced the small bear mold into Sylvania. These smaller bears are… Continue reading Meet the Sylvanian Families: Petite Little Bear Family

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Sylvanian Families Village Postman

Meet Postman Pete Petite, from the Village Postman set.  Like many Sylvanian collectors, I send and receive many parcels, so Postman Pete is an extra special Sylvanian to me. From the box: Postman Pete is a jolly soul who can be seen riding his bicycle through the streets of Sylvania early every morning. He particularly… Continue reading Sylvanian Families Village Postman