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Sylvanian Families Fellini Cream Cats and Dinner Party Set

Meet the Fellini Cream Cats! The Fellinis are a newlywed couple, and some of the more difficult to find Sylvanians, as they were exclusively available as part of the Country Cottage Gift Set from Argos in 1993.  I was lucky enough to find this lovely couple on ebay.  Tilly also has a veil, but I’ve… Continue reading Sylvanian Families Fellini Cream Cats and Dinner Party Set

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Sylvanian Families Wedding Photographer Set

If you are a Sylvanian planning a special event, Cecil Maces is the mouse to call.  He is a talented photographer, specializing in weddings.  Cecil is part of the Wedding Photographer Set. From the box: Cecil Mace is the finest photographer in Sylvania. He is a real romantic at heart so a family wedding is… Continue reading Sylvanian Families Wedding Photographer Set

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Sylvanian Families Customs: The Legend of the Yule Rabbits

  Happy Solstice!   To celebrate the Christmas / Solstice holidays this year, I’ve customized some Chocolate Rabbit grandparents as a special holiday family. Please meet the Yule Rabbits!   Yule Rabbit grandparents have been dispatched to a few close Sylvanian friends around the globe, in hopes of bringing some extra Christmas cheer.   I’m so sorry to… Continue reading Sylvanian Families Customs: The Legend of the Yule Rabbits

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Meet the Sylvanian Families: Robinson Red Panda Family

Meet the Robinson Red Panda family! The Robinsons look quite similar to the Mulberry Raccoons.  However, unlike the Mulberry family, the red pandas have orange flocking.  The color is very nice and makes this family stand out from other Sylvanians. As usual, there are multiple versions of this family, including a Japanese release (2010), a… Continue reading Meet the Sylvanian Families: Robinson Red Panda Family

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Sylvanian Families – Secret Fairy Tree

Recently, the Nursery Treehouse arrived!  This version is particularly special, as it is the Japanese Toys R’ Us gift set edition, which means there are special items included.  It was sent to me by my good friend Jona, who keeps a blog at Jona Wanders.  Thank you Jona! I’m very excited to add this set… Continue reading Sylvanian Families – Secret Fairy Tree

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Springer Kangaroo Family Update

Hello! The Springer Kangaroo Family has recently arrived, so I’ve posted a quick update (with photos) on the Meet the Sylvanian Families: Springer and Hopper Kangaroo Families post.  More photos are available there. I’ve also included a photo of Mrs. Hopper and Mrs. Springer.  They look quite different.  Two lovely kangaroo mums!  Mrs. Hopper is… Continue reading Springer Kangaroo Family Update